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15 October 2013 @ 12:19 am
*sighs* Placeholder  
Dear Yuletide writer,

I hope it's still time for me to post this! Sorry it took me so long!!

First thank you for writing my fic. I'm sure I'll love it :D

I have some pretty wide tastes, so don't feel very restrained. I enjoy gen, het, maleslash and femslash pretty much equally... I think I emphasized shippy requests in my requests, but I certainly love plotty gen and character exploration gen a whole lot, so don't strain yourself if those ships aren't your things.

I have a bigger weakness for darkfics and angst in general, but I definitely enjoy fluffy and humorous stuff as well. Bittersweet feeling is one of my favourite thing.

I love love canon AUs, but I tend to be fairly picky about alternate setting and "genre" AUs because it feels too close to OOCness to me very easily.

There's one thing I absolutely do not want in my fanfic, and that's Christmas-y and other Holiday-ish themes.

I'm much more into ships with a darker edge to them, antagonistic, bickering and trading barbs, mindfuckery, hateshipping and that sort of things.

For the specificities of my fandom requests:

Black Lagoon

Rebecca "Revy"
Eda (Black Lagoon)

Anything shippy against those two would be great, especially with a darker under current (drawing from Eda's real role as a CIA plant), mindfuckery and hatesex or even ending in murder. But just them having some banter and Eda teasing Revy about Rock would be awesome too. Telling the story of how they first met could also be fun.

I also love Shenhua if you're game to do something with that.

One of my favourite thing about this canon is how it manages to balance some of the trashy and fun exploitation with acknowledgement of its how fucked up the set up is... episodes always ending up on that down note rather than an uplifting one no matter how cathartic and entertaining the violence may have been before that. I'd love something that still played up with that.

I love most of the characters. I especially love Revy.

Darker than Black

Kirihara Misaki
November 11
Hei (Darker Than BLACK)

I'm looking for something centred on Kirihara if possible, and I love both her relationship with Hei and with November 11, so anything along those lines is good to me.

Besides shippy stuff, I love anything with plot and spy action. Oh, also, despite the flaws of the sequel, I do love Suouh, so if you're game to write something with her, I wouldn't mind at all.

Any further exploration of the canon, of the characters, the setting, the atmosphere, would work great for me.

I really don't like the idea of Hei/Yin as a romantic ship, so please avoid that. I already said I'd welcome Kirihara/Hei and Kirihara/November 11 but I forgot to mention that there's a lot of female characters I'd love to read shipped with Kirihara as well, from her childhood friend the Triad heiress to the other friends who work with her.

Something like a case fic with the dysfunctional family of the MI6 would be great too (but I'd really like for something that included Kirihara).

Deadpool & Cable

Wade Wilson (Deadpool & Cable)
Nathan Summers (Deadpool & Cable)
Hope Summers (Deadpool & Cable)
Neena Thurman (Deadpool & Cable)

Any Cable/Deadpool fic would be great! I prefer stuff with a bit of angst and darker elements to it as well as the usual humour - their relationship definitely has a lot of up and down even at the best of time, and they both have their issues as characters. I prefer first time to assuming they're already together.

I love Domino, and I wouldn't hate some Wade/Dom/Nathan. Just Domino and Wade drinking together and reminiscing (or killing people together and reminiscing) post Nathan's death definitely could work as well, or anything along those lines.

Anything branching up from the Cable series with him in the future raising Hope that manages to include Deadpool somehow would be great as well (Deadpool also coming to the future, Future!Deadpool meeting with Cable instead of future!Cannonball...)

At last, Deadpool meeting up with Hope, pre Cable resurrection and chatting with her about Cable or saving her life to honour his memory could be very interesting.

A branching off from Avengers vs X-Men could also be very interesting.

I think the only thing I forgot to mention is also I love Hope and Domino's relationship in the current Cable & X-Force, so just a gen piece of their relationship would be great too!!

OTOH I'm not up to date with the current Deadpool series (although that could change before the end of December so heh)

Death Gate Cycle

Alfred Montbank

Anything about their relationship, mid or post canon; shippy or platonic.

Alfred/Haplo/Marit also works for me.

Post endings stuff or missing scenes would be great.

Hey, on this one something a little bit alternate setting on this could also be fun, actually.

I don't have much to say otherwise, been too long since I last read the canon; but I have a lot of attachment to it from when I was a wee teen and I was overjoyed to find fanfic for them before so I would be doubly so to receive one this year.

I'm pretty ridiculously fond of the intricate magic system and world design as well.

Kaleido Stars

Layla Hamilton
Naegino Sora
Ken Robbins

I'd love to read the great epic romance of how Layla and Sora finally got together. Just any sort of first time fanfiction with more than musings.

Ken's crush on Sora is also darling, and I love how he supports her. Something drawing on from that with a mix of angst and bittersweet friendship would be great as well. I certainly wouldn't hate some sort of Layla/Sora/Ken story.

I love many other characters in that fandom (asides from Leon), so if you want to draw from other characters NO PROBLEM.

Probably the fandom in which I'd welcome something more alternate setting A/U the most (not because I don't like the circus setting, but because the conventions of the genre of that sort of story lend themselves to see what happens in a slightly different AU with slightly different conventions - for ex I have had discussions with a friend about how Layla is Batman and Sora is Dick Grayson :p).

Something a little bit meta and story-within-story with the structure of spectacles could be great fun too!

Young Avengers

Tommy Shepherd (Young Avengers)
Billy Kaplan (Young Avengers)

I'd love anything exploring their weird brotherly relationships, and their family in general (I'm a pretty big fan of Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Polaris and Luna as well...).

If you can write anything about the Kaplans dealing with them, semi adopting Tommy and so on, I'll be happy. I would kill for a fic in which Rebecca Kaplan decides to invite the whole Magneto & co at a family dinner and all the awkwardness that could ensue from that (triple points if it's for a Jewish holiday that is not Hannukah).

I always love House of M fics that explore what kind of people they could have been in that 'verse.

I'd not say no to any Billy/Teddy/Tommy (because OMG those scenes between Teddy and Tommy at the end of Children's Crusade).

Of course I do like Teddy/Billy and I wouldn't mind having it be in the background at all.

I just don't want them to take centre stage :p

Also I love most of the other Young Avengers, especially Kate, Eli and Teddy. (Oh, and Loki, in so far as he counts). I don't really ship Tommy with either Kate or Eli for the record, although I don't hate it either if you write it convincingly enough as part of the background *shrugs* I don't think I really have an opinion on Tommy/David yet, but I do like Prodigy a fair deal.

All right, I hope that was at least a little bit helpful. Err, I'd say if you have any question don't hesitate to ask - but I'm not sure how feasible that is? I'll turn anon on I guess.

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cordial: darker than black › utilitycordialcount on October 30th, 2013 01:09 am (UTC)
You're the other person who requested Darker than Black! :D (Sorry, I am easily overexcited at Yuletide, and at last one of my fandoms has had all of its requesters post letters.)
Anne-Elisa: geek poweretrangere on October 30th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
Only two of us, heh? That's a bit sad.

Seems most people post letters nowadays.
Anne-Elisa: geek poweretrangere on October 30th, 2013 01:15 am (UTC)
wait you don't have any DtB in your letter! Oh you meant me and someone else whose letter you also saw?

(hmmmmlm good SF in your request ♥)

Hey you know if i should repost the stuff already request in the letter ?
cordial: darker than black › utilitycordialcount on October 30th, 2013 02:17 am (UTC)
I didn't request Darker than Black, mostly because I thought "... now write me incestuous poly with knifeplay, and also worldbuilding would be a nice side dish" was not quite fair. But I'm still excited that there are now four DtB letters posted for the four requests on the signup summary-- I've been waiting to see if the fourth requester would post a letter after number three popped up a few days ago, and indeed. \o/

A lot of people do! If you like treats (extra non-assignment gifts), especially, it helps your chances to add which characters you officially requested and the optional details you wrote into the signup form. Anyone trying to treat before December 23rd or so can't see them otherwise and may be wary of contradicting squicks or strong preferences they don't have access to.

Edited at 2013-10-30 02:19 am (UTC)
Anne-Elisa: geek poweretrangere on October 30th, 2013 02:30 am (UTC)
incestuous poly with knifeplay with worldbuilding does sound very interesting XD

Thanks, letter edited to include my initial details as well ^^