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19 December 2013 @ 03:39 pm

Haven't posted in an eternity, have I? The sad thing is, it's not even because I'm using tumblr instead. Haven't been posting on that either. (I've still been reading my flist on LJ/DW though). I don't have much interesting news to talk about (there was that time when my computer broke down during the summer and I lost all my files of comics, manga & music as a result. Still trying to recover from that -_-;) but I figure I still might use the end-of-year-surveys to talk about all the media from this year I haven't said anything about. So what do you guys want me to start with? Anime, TV shows, comics, books, something else? (well if anyone's still interested after my long absence and everyone leaving journalling that is).

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Her Hamsternesshamsterwoman on December 19th, 2013 04:49 pm (UTC)
Hi Ete!

And, I would love to see your post on books :)
hafwit: pic#34459680hafwit on December 19th, 2013 05:08 pm (UTC)
Aw, that's a real blow. :-( What sort of music do you like?
Anne-Elisa: geek poweretrangere on December 19th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
All of it? I especially listen to a lot of soundtracks and stuff like Tori Amos and Vienna Teng.
Les divagations de Neljaflo_nelja on December 19th, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
Je suis intéressée par tout ! (oui, pas très constructif, je sais ^^)

Ariss Tenoh: Snowariss_tenoh on December 21st, 2013 06:44 am (UTC)
Books? You always have good thoughts on them^_^