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09 April 2014 @ 01:45 am
in which i finally talk about Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn  
So remember how runespoor had me play Tales of Symphonia?

Well next she made me play Fire Emblem 9/10.

Actually we played Path of Radiance... I think in the spring? I don't actually remember, but I remember we spent the summer with FF9 and Kingdom Heart 2 and fall with FF7 (the final fantasies, I was the one who had already played with them though I hadn't finished either up till then) and I think PoR was before, so.

And in the last few weeks we did Radiant Dawn (there was a big gap because of technical difficulties with the data transfer and all sorts of stuff).

Anyway PoR didn't make that much of an impression on me... it's a fairly nice, but fairly straightforward story. I'm really not much into strategy game, and most of the time "playing" meant moving the characters where runespoor was telling me to. I also found the way that the characters we use in the game to fight the battles and the characters who have the most storytime focus are somewhat... not quite the same a bit hard in term of emotional involvement. Still, I didn't dislike it, by a far mile, I was enjoying the game and found quite a few characters to like. I latched very quickly on Soren and he remained by favorite through the game; also Jill has a most awesome character journey and I also found the birds interaction very entertaining and Ranulf pretty great.

Radiant Dawn worked on another level for me still. Part of it may have been being more used to the gameplay & storytelling style; but also because it's a story that works in a much more interesting and multi layered way. I love the way that each part somewhat deconstructs what has gone before XD I found the way we shifted PoV from sides was brilliant. Part 3 was my favorite, and also liked part 4 a lot (although I wish they had had more discussions addressing the awkwardness of it - likewise the last part and ending doesn't have enough discussions addressing reveals for my taste). I loved the way the theme of loyalties in particular - and following orders - was played with through all steps of the story from different point of views and eventually culminated with the concept of Goddesses of Order & Chaos. I thought by that time they were a bit didactic on the topic of Chaos & Order in a way that didn't quite flow naturally from the story, but Yune and Ashera themselves are pretty interesting. Yune's very fun in her impulsive and free spirited way; and the fact that Ashera's wrong doings were rooted in her trying to erase her own flaws and divorcing herself from part of her nature was fascinating.

As a series dealing with fantasy racism, this one frequently didn't work a whole for various reasons typical of that sort of work; but there are a few times when I liked how they handled things. Ike's reaction to being told that subhuman was a pejorative (even though I'm still facepalming that he hadn't realised that) by simply rectifying from then on and moving on, the whole chapter about Reyson snapping out and trying to use his song to destroy people and the importance of Sanaki apologizing for the massacre of Serenes as the leader of Begnion despite not even having been born at the time, the whole concept that after Laguz slavery was outlawed, it was still happening in effect and needed to be rooted out more effectively.

Anyway if I had to make a list of my favorite 10 characters (in no particular order):
  • Soren
  • Sanaki
  • Naesala
  • Pelleas (aka "the woobiest")
  • Elincia
  • Jill
  • Heather
  • Nephenee
  • Kurth
  • Ranulf

Should probably also mention Shinon, Reyson, Fiona, Mia, Zihark, Astrid, Haar, Meg, Marcia, Nolan, Mist, Boyd as characters I loved playing with.

Bonus point for characters who are pretty awesome but who we didn't really got the occasion to play with: Tormud, Callil, Lucia, Bastian, Titania, Kieran, Oscar.

I never very much warmed up to Ike as a character - he's a perfectly decent character and person, and he has some moments of pretty refreshing outlooks on things, but he's just not the sort of character I'd ever grow very fond of. (Also I frequently resented the amount of Protagonist-centric stuff with him).

Mikaiah I find extremely interesting as a character... especially her lack of forthrightness and her capacity for ruthlessness contrasted with her... well I said to runespoor when we talked about that "idealism" didn't seem the right word for it, since it doesn't seem to be about principles as such, but I'm not sure what's the best word.

Favourite villains were Pettrine (which I really liked throughout Path of Radiance), and Levail (so adorb). I have to agree with runespoor that Jarod has his moments (mostly his sarcastic reaction to the Black Knight XD as well as his admirative reaction to being betrayed by that senator). I kinda liked Izuka for being such a vile smug snake mindfucking Pelleas XD Also that guy who was the Dolourous Edd of the Senators' army, I thought he was funny.

Sephiran I found almost disappointing in the end in the simplicity of his actual plans compared to when we're figuring out that he's the big bad. He has an interesting story and a lot of interesting stuff in term of characterizations, and I enjoy his relationship with Sanaki, but he somehow doesn't hit me much emotionally speaking.

Zelgius I find rather puzzling with how narrow his priorities are. Frequently amusing throughout Radiant Dawn in various ways (getting the Black Knight on our side was hilarious and Zelgius being all sparkly & shiny in the Begnion army was fun too), but heeeeh. "Fucking lifestyler" would end up my main commentary on him.

.... and in term of fannish reaction I have this weird thing in which I'm apparently obsessed with the birds (by which I mean Tibarn, Reyson, Naesala and Leeane). I don't really know how that happened but here I am with a fandom OTP that is a OT4 about relatively secondary characters that I'm pretty sure nobody else in the fandom actually ships as an OT4 (thankfully some people do ship the subsets and often enough that hits the spot well enough). Stupid birds.

Also I have an extremely.... culturally poly reading of most Laguz (with the notable exception of the dragons) which sometimes clash a bit with fics I've found. (This is pretty much on me since that's an arbitrary headcanon on my part, but yeah.)

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