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13 January 2015 @ 08:41 pm
New anime season with lots of sequels  
Of the sequel shows I'm watching...

Kamisama Kiss is probably the one with the most solid new first episode, with a proper story as such and back in great form.

Durarara x2 I found pretty disappointing in that it didn't try at all to kick-start a whole new season and basically relied on our already existing love of the series and characters to carry itself and didn't have a great sense of rhythm. But then again it's Durarara so it's not like it wasn't sufficient but I hope they'll get back in the groove well soon enough.

Aldonah Zero is somewhere in a middle. It mostly focusses on re-establishing the new status quo after a slight cliffhanger ending + time skip. Doing so by withholding a flashback reveal to the end is somewhat clumsy but worked well enough. It leaves questions but not too many related to the cliffhanger itself, so it seems we're back to pick up the plot very quickly which I'm thankful for.

Probably won't bother trying the new season of Tokyo Ghoul.

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