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09 March 2015 @ 09:44 pm
Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Swords  
So my adventures in video games have continued with me trying to play FE 7 (the first Fire Emblem I played on my own instead of with [personal profile] runespoor, although she still provided imput for support advices in particular XD) and I've been documenting my playthrough on tumblr: http://demoiselledefortune.tumblr.com/tagged/dem-plays-fe7/chrono

I finished the game this week end. It’s a pretty awesome game.

My favourite part was the three lords, who are all great in term of characterisations and have awesome interaction with one another. Of the FE I’ve played so far, they are my fave set of lords!

On of the other hand, of the FE I’ve played so far, Nergal is probably my least favourite villain >_>; Also all the narrative around Ninian was pretty awfully sexist :(

Anyway, there were a lot of other awesome, loveable characters, and some which I would not call loveable but who were interesting. A short list of my favourite would be Nino, Erk, Serra, Legault, Mathew, Rebecca, Sain, Canas, Fiora, Pent and Louise, Guy, Rath... and I'll keep it at that because I said it was a SHORT list. XD

The overall story is… I’d say serviceable without being great (certainly no worse than Path of Radiance). The most interesting part of it was the Bern shenanigans, the Black Fang as tragic villains and Nino.

I found the motif of bad and exploitative parenthood unfolded in a very interesting way (and especially as a commentary of Nergal as a would be transcendent immortal vampire), as was the motif of found family. (well tragic family shenanigans is one of my fave things ^^).

So I will want to play FE7 again on Hector mode; and I will also want to play FE6. I’m not actually sure in what order I should do that so do you guys have suggestions?

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